What should I work on this Summer?

Summer is just a few weeks away!  Kids are about to get out of school and the pools are about to open to be a huge source of fun.  But this also means that Spring classes are coming to an end.  Specifically, kids karate classes will stop in the middle of June and not pick up again until September.  So, the question we commonly get is, “What should I work on this summer?”  Here are some suggestions:

1.     First and foremost, if you can make it to the Kaizen Summer Camp, I highly encourage you to do so!  You will receive a lot of training in a short time, and be around like-minded individuals.  You will gain experience on many different aspects of karate, and it is a lot of fun!

2.     Keep a regular training schedule.  Make sure you are working out and staying fit.  Taking time off is easy to do and then returning to active participation is much harder.  Write a training schedule down.  Having it written down will allow you feel a commitment to it and actually follow it.  Consistency is one of the key fundamentals of good training.

3.     Eat well.  Summer is full of barbecues and other tasty treats like apple pie and ice cream.  This isn’t to say you can’t have some of the less-good-for-you foods, but you should have them in moderation.  Instead of bingeing on less nutritious foods, focus your diet on lots of fruits and vegetables. Summer is a great time to get things like blueberries, strawberries and corn on the cob when are all at their peak of flavor. 

4.     Practice the fundamentals.  It is never a bad idea to work on the key fundamental techniques like stances, blocks, punches and basic kicks.  I recommend performing the stance sequence a bunch of times flowing through each stance and making sure they area all solid.  The best marital artists have the soundest fundamentals.

5.     Cross-train.  Summer is a great time of year to work on different muscle groups than you usually do.  Swimming, biking, and kayaking are all excellent examples of fun activities that will utilize a different set of muscles.  This will add to your overall well-being and total fitness level.

Make this summer your best and most productive summer ever!  Have fun, train smart, and enjoy all benefits that summer brings.  It is a great time to focus your training and keep progressing such that you can get ahead of most people who will take a lot of time off and not do the things that will benefit them. 

Finally, stay safe out there.  Be smart with respect to the little things.  Wear sunscreen when going outside.  Wear a bike helmet whenever you are on a bike, rollerblades or scooter.  Don’t swim in the ocean when the warning flags indicate a strong riptide.  Always take safety into account and you will be on your way to having a fantastic summer!

-Coach David-