How old do I have to be to begin taking classes?
We start taking students as young as 3.5yrs old and as old as 65yrs old.


What should my child wear to class?
Before ordering a uniform students should wear long comfortable pants and t-shirt to class each week. Students will have time to change before the start of class.


Do I need to order a uniform?
When a student first starts karate classes a uniform is optional. Once a student determines that they are interested in continuing classes past their initial session then a black uniform can be ordered through the Kaizen Karate website at our discounted group rate. 


Will there be sparring or fighting in class?
Before a student is allowed to participate in partner drills they must first learn basic kicks, punches and blocks. Movement drills will follow the technique training.  


When should I purchase sparring equipment for my son/daughter?
Students can invest in sparring equipment after completing a full 8-week session of karate and not before. Students must have all sparring equipment by yellow belt rank.


How safe is the class?
We are very sensitive to the safety of every student in our karate program. At no time will a student be in danger in any Kaizen Karate class. The instructor will cover all safety procedures in detail before the start of each drill.

Will students earn colored belts?
Yes, students will be allowed to test for colored belts upon invitation by their instructor.  Please remember that belt exams are *invitation* only events.  For more details, visit the belt exam page for testing requirements.


When does the next session start?
Weekend classes run in 2-month cycles.  Other programs vary depending on the location.  For details email us by clicking here.


How do I enroll my son/daughter for classes?
To register, visit us online by clicking here.  Students must be enrolled in class prior to participating.  We ask that all students are registered online as we do not accept cash or check.