Refund Policy

  • There are no refunds for any classes once the session has begun (see Withdrawal Policy below). Students who do not attend one or more sessions of a class are not due a "partial" refund. All sales are final after the start of the first class of the session. No exceptions will be made.

Withdrawal Policy

  • If class is cancelled by Kaizen Fitness then student will receive a FULL refund.

  • If the student withdraws before the start of the 1st class then they will receive a FULL refund minus a $25 processing fee.

  • If a student withdraws after the 1st class then credit will be given (see Credit Policy below).

  • If a student withdraws after 2nd class: No refund or credit will be given.

  • Workshops / Seminars / Tournaments / Belt Exams: No refund or credit will be given at any time.

Credit Policy

  • Per our no refund policy, credit will be given for any refund request up to 30 days from the original date of sale (not the class start date). Credit applies to any service offered by Kaizen Fitness of equal or lesser value. Any additional price difference must be paid prior to the student participating in the class. Credit may not be used to purchase merchandise. Any credit not used within a 6 month period will expire. No exceptions.

  • Credit that is issued for ANY reason is valid for a 6 month period only. No Exceptions. After the 60 day period the credit is no longer valid.

  • Credit given for any program that operates during the school year (September - May) can *not* be applied to any Summer Camp programs including our all-day camps.

Transfer Policy

If you have registered for a class and wish to transfer there is a $10.00 processing fee.  Students are only able to transfer to a different class if there is space available.

Late Pick-up Policy

Instructors frequently have other commitments shortly after class ends, we ask that you respect the Instructors’ time by arriving on time. There will be a 5 minute grace period after the program has ended. After that parents will be charged an additional fee of $1.00 per minute. The late fee must be paid before the next class. If the late-fee is not paid the student will be removed from the program.

Make-Up Policy

Kaizen Karate does *not* offer pro-rating of tuition at any of our programs.  However, if a class is missed, it can be made up at one of our evening or weekend locations.  The make-up must be completed during the session that the class was missed.  Once the given session has been completed, no more make-ups are permitted for that session.  No Exceptions.

To schedule your make-up a class, email our office directly at coach.v@kaizenkaratemd.com with your request.  Please note, all make-ups *must* be scheduled in advance.

Updated on 6/13/18

Snow Policy - After School Programs

If 1 class is missed at an after school program due to a snow day then the class will be made up at the end of the session by adding on one extra class.  If 2 classes are missed due to snow then Kaizen Fitness will make-up the missed dates by adding 2 extra classes on to the end of the session.  No more than 2 missed classes will be made up for snow dates in a given session.  If a 3rd class is missed due to snow then this class and any future missed classes (4, 5, etc) in the session must be made up at one of our weekend or evening classes and they will not be made up by adding on additional dates to the session.

Tuition Payment Policies

No Cash OR Checks Accepted by Kaizen Karate Instructors.

ALL tuition payments must be made online through our website PRIOR to the start of classes.

Merchandise Exchange Policy

All items include FREE SHIPPING and will be sent directly to your address on file.  In the event you need to return or exchange for a different size there is a 20% restocking fee for the item to be re-shipped for the correct size.  No exchanges or refunds for special edition t-shirts or t-shirt competition apparel.  Once the item is mailed back to PO Box 221, Spencerville, MD 20868 and received then the new item will be shipped out.

Summer Camp Policies


  • Tuition for any week of summer camp must be paid in full prior to attending camp. If full payment is not received, the space for that week will be forfeited.

  • All registration must be completed online.

  • NO CHECKS are accepted. All payments must be made online with credit cards.

  • NO drop-ins are available. Students must pre-register for each week of camp prior to the start of the week.

  • Multiple week tuition discount only applies during initial registration. No reduced rate will be provided after the first registration.

Sickness & Make-ups

  • If a camper misses camp for more than 2 consecutive days due to illness then credit will be given for the days missed after the first two days when requested in writing and accompanied by a doctor's note.

  • If a student misses camp for any reason besides illness they can make-up the day IF there is space in another week of camp. Parents must submit an email request to camp office to get approval. If there is no space then there will be no make-ups permitted and credit cannot be transferred to school year programs (the credit is lost). If two campers in a household miss camp for any reason, they cannot combine those make-ups for one child.  

Canceling a week

  • December 1 - May 15: $20 administrative fee per camper per week canceled

  • May 16 - June 10: Only 50% of registration fees will be credited for any Kaizen Fitness program. The other 50% is non-refundable / no credit will be awarded.

  • After June 11: There will be NO refunds or credits for summer camp weeks after June 11. NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • Refunds or credits for single days of summer camp will not be provided at any time. Summer camp registrations are paid for on a weekly tuition fee schedule not a daily tuition fee schedule.

Canceling entire summer registration (multiple weeks)

  • December 1 - May 15: All fees paid are refunded except $100 deposit and $25 administrative fee.

  • May 16 - June 10: 50% of total tuition will be refunded. The other 50% is non-refundable.

  • After June 11: There will be NO refunds or credits for summer camp weeks after June 11. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Switching Weeks

  • Switching between weeks is allowed, based on availability.

  • If a camper needs to switch weeks and there is no availability then they must either keep their assigned weeks OR they can follow the cancellation policy listed above to cancel weeks based on dates (eg. After June 11 there are no refunds or credits for a camper who wants to switch weeks but there is no availability).


  • ALL students who register prior to March 31st, 2015 will receive FREE Before & After Care.

  • Offer valid only for weeks purchased during the promotional period.

  • Any additional weeks purchased / added to existing reservations after the promotional period (3/31/15) will *not* be eligible for FREE before & after care.

Late pick-up Policy @ Summer Camp

  • Counselors frequently have other commitments shortly after camp ends, we ask that you respect the counselor’s time by arriving on time. There will be a 5 minute grace period after the program has ended. After that, parents will be charged an additional fee of $1.00 per minute. The late fee must be paid before the next camp day.