It’s a New Year!

The New Year is almost here.  It is the time of year to reflect upon how you did last year, and plan what you will do in the next year.  But it is more than that.  Don’t just reflect on your previous year.  Take the good things from it, and after processing what didn’t work out, discard the rest.  Leave all the disappointments and unaccomplished items that bother you in the past.  It is a great time to re-dedicate yourself to your new goals and focus on the positive.  All too often we get caught up in minutia and worry about things that are not of importance.  I would encourage you to set all new goals for this year and be positive in your outlook for achieving them.  That is the beauty of the New Year!  You get to start afresh.  You can leave your baggage in the old year and re-invent yourself for the new.  It doesn’t matter who you are or what your circumstance is, it is the perfect time to apply yourself to being the best you can be, and putting all your effort into making that your priority.

Wondering how to go about making goals for the New Year?   Here is one way.  Pick the 1 big thing you want accomplish and write it down.  Then, break that down into sub goals by figuring out what are the components to making it happen.   Then, take each of those components and try and break them down into their smallest components.  You then can use the Kaizen way  (continuous improvement) to work on each small component, and thus you are working on your main goal while still having an achievable small goal to work on.  Make it something that you really want to accomplish and then go tackle it with a positive attitude.  You will have an excellent chance to succeed if you tackle in this manner.

Over the next couple of weeks, take time off and enjoy your family.  Eat well, work out and get lots of sleep.  Recharge your batteries and start the New Year off with a bang!  Come out focused and ready to work hard, new goals in hand, and you can make 2017 the best year of your life!

-Coach David-