1. Show up to every class - there is nothing more important than showing up to class with a positive attitude and being ready to learn.  When it comes times for belt exams students always tend to "cram" and practice as much as possible.  This is a recipe for disappointment.  The secret is not to cram right before the belt test but instead focus on continuous improvement on a daily / weekly basis each time you show up to class.  To earn your black belt you should focus on regular attendance every single week!  Set aside at least 1 day per week as your karate day and then stick to it.  Do not let anything or anyone get in the way of your practice time.

2. Show up to the most important class - we can all show up when we feel like, but, it takes a true champion to show up even when they do not feel like going to class.  A huge secret to success in the martial arts is learning to discipline yourself to show up to the MOST important class of all - the one you do not feel like going to.  If you can learn to condition yourself to show up even when you do not feel like it you will experience a huge amount of success in your martial arts as well as all areas of your life.  Former basketball super star Dr.Julius Erving once said "part of being a pro is doing the things you love to do even when you do not feel like doing them".

3. Everyone can earn a black belt - it is absolutely true that everyone can earn a black belt.  Never give up.  If things get tough make sure to take the time to talk with your instructor so they can help you to overcome obstacles that you might be facing.  Learn to trust your instructor and their vision for your growth.  There will be times when you do not want to do what they ask but remember they always have your best long term interests in mind.

-Coach V-