Friday, August 25th, 2017

Time:  9:00am-10:30am

Tifereth Israel Synagogue
7701 16th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20012

*Times may change based on total number of students testing.  Final start times will be emailed out 2-3 days prior to the event for any students who have registered.

Please note, students MUST retake the pre-test and get approval from their instructor in order to attend any make-up belt exam.  Students can forget material between the belt exam and the make-up belt exam so this is a mandatory step.  
No exceptions.  

Students testing for purple belt or higher MUST send in a video test to Coach V for approval *prior* to registering for the exam / taking the belt test.  After receiving written approval & passing the video pre-test, then, they are allowed to register for the belt exam.

Questions? Please contact our office


Make Up Dates

*Make up dates for the Fall 2017 will be announced soon.



What are the minimum requirements to test?

Click here for a full list of minimum requirements for each belt rank.

How often do belt exams take place?

Belt exams take place every 2-3 months.  It is ok if you miss a belt exam!  No one tests at every single exam.  The higher you move up in rank the longer it will take between belt tests.

How do I know if I am ready to test?

The instructor of the class will pre-test each student during regular class time prior to the belt exam.  Students who are ready to test will be invited by the instructor to attend the belt exam after receiving at least an 80% of higher on their pre-test during regular class time.  Any students who are invited and wish to test must then register online for the exam.  The belt exam is an *invite only* event.  Instructors will tell the students when to test.  Students do not tell the instructors when they are testing.

What if I can not make the belt exam?

Since belt exams only take place every 2-3 months we strongly encourage students who are invited to test to attend their exam.  If you are not able to make your test please email our office for make-up options.  Please note, students MUST retake the pre-test and get approval again from their instructor in order to attend the make-up belt exam.  Students can forget material between the belt exam and the make-up belt exam so this is a mandatory step.  No exceptions.  The make-up belt exam is a pass / fail test so it is strongly advised to have regular practice with your instructor prior to showing up for the test.

What should I do if I want to test but my instructor says that I am not ready yet?

Students are always welcome to take additional classes such as our weekend and evening classes.  Private lessons are also available and serve as a great way to prepare for belt testing.  For more information email our office.  

What should I bring to the test?

All students who are testing at the belt exam should wear their black colored Kaizen Karate uniform with logo.  Uniforms from outside schools are not permitted.  Make sure your uniform is clean and your belt is tied correctly.  Family & friends are welcome to attend and support the student who is testing.  ***No white colored uniforms are permitted at any time***

Do I need sparring gear for the belt exam?

If a student is testing for green belt (currently yellow belt) or higher they must bring sparring gear to the belt exam.  Purchasing sparring gear 1-2 weeks prior to the belt exam is not a good idea.  Students need at least 2-3 months experience using the sparring gear during regular class time prior to taking a belt exam.  Sparring gear can be purchased through our website - please make sure to check the sizing chart before purchasing.

White & orange belts - no guards required
Yellow, green, purple, blue, brown, & red belts - MUST bring sparring gear - (not permitted to test without sparring gear)

What should I expect at the belt exam?

The belt exam is a pass / fail event.  If a student fails the test (below 80%) they are welcome to re-take the test at the following belt exam in 2-3 months.  Students can not take the test twice at the same belt exam and students can not earn a belt during regular class time.  All belts must be earned at the belt exam.

Most belt tests will last around 60 minutes including the ceremony at the end when students receive certificates & belts.  Advanced level students should expect a 90 minute belt test.  All students who are yellow belt and above should bring a full set of sparring gear to the exam in order to test.  Parents are allowed to take pictures and video during this special event.

We will do our best to run on time, however, please keep in mind this is a special event and there is a chance we may run past the scheduled times.  Please be patient and allow for extra time on belt testing days.