Congratulations on your continued journey in the martial arts with Kaizen Karate!  Progressing into the intermediate & advanced ranks is a significant step for you as a student, and represents years of hard work and dedication!

We take your karate education as seriously as you do, which is why a video pre-test is required for all students who wish to test for Green Belt or higher.  The test will give you the opportunity to demonstrate all of the techniques and skills that are required for your next belt, and give us an opportunity to pay very close attention to your current progress – and help you identify your individualized path forward.

Your video will be graded by one or more of Kaizen Karate’s instructors, who will determine if you are ready to test at the next belt exam, or identify the areas that need to be improved in order to do so.  In either case, the instructor will provide you with detailed feedback that you can use to improve your karate!

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing how you have progressed!


Coach V