Video Pre-Test Submission Guidelines

Parents, please follow the directions and script completely in order for your child’s video pre-test to be accepted by Coach V. Please note that video submissions are for the sole purpose of being approved for an upcoming belt exam and not for general feedback. Video pre-test must be submitted 5 weeks prior to belt exam registration deadline. Videos that aren’t properly done and submitted by the deadline will not be graded. 

*Students must meet all of the requirements outlined below before submitting a video pre-test.  Students must, (1 )have trained consistently and have met the minimum required training hours, (2) have been pre-tested during regular class time and passed with an 80% or higher, (3) have received all required stripes on current belt, (4) have been approved to submit video pre-test by their instructor.  A master list of approved students will be submitted to Coach V.


1.    Choose a space that is large and quiet enough for the grader to see the entire body (including feet) and can hear the commands clearly on the video. Silence all electronic devices and close doors so there are no distractions. *The only sounds the grader should hear, (1) the count, (2) kiai from the student, (3) Kata Presentation.

2.    Students must be in full uniform (cleaned and pressed) and wear their belt.  Belts must have all required stripes before submission of the video.

3.    Be sure you have adequate space for each section of the exam especially during the kata and ju jitsu. Student should not stop-and-go during filming because katas are timed. 

4.    Parents must properly call out the names of all techniques and count before the student can move (Choon-Bi … 1… 2…3…4) { indicates a pause}. *Belt Exam materials can be found on the grading forms. If you need grading forms, please contact our office.

5.    Please follow the grading forms precisely to reduce confusion and so that the commands are clear to the student and grader. *For the 30 second belt tying and Back Kicks, the grader must see from all directions (North, South, East, West).  Parents, prompt student to return to fighting stance once they are done to continue through the exam.

6.    Sparring and Ju jitsu can be filmed during regular class time with the permission of your instructor. For the Ju jitsu section, students must be in full uniform and wear their belts. 

Submitting your test

1)    Please send all video pre-tests to Coach V at In the subject line, please write: Student’s Full Name – Video Pre-Test - belt rank they are testing for.

2)    The body of the email must include the following: (1) Student’s Full Name, (2) Age, (3) Training Location  (4) Coach’s Name, (5) Belt Exam month (eg. April’s Belt Exam), (6) Attach the video. *Please be sure that Coach V does not have to sign up for an account to view the video and that you enable the ‘share’ function for the video. **If the file is too large, please send each section individually and properly mark it in Subject Line of the email (eg. John Smith’s  Video Pre-test – Techniques or Master Form North).

Tips and Information

1)    The video pre-test should start and end in a good Choon-Bi stance

2)    The video pre-test should be a clean cut video with *no* editing.

3)    Sparring and Ju Jitsu dates for the video pre-test will be announced in advance and done during regular class time.

4)    Parents, make sure you time the belt tying for 30 seconds. Please call, ‘time’ and have student slowly spin around so the grader can see around the body.

5)    If you need a demonstration of how the pre-test should be filmed, please ask Coach Tiffaney, Coach David, or Coach V directly or email our office directly for assistance.

6)    If you want Coach Tiffaney to film the video pre-test, grade your child live via live video feed, please email our office directly to setup this appointment (good solutions for parents who do not want to do the filming on their own).