***Students testing for green, purple, blue, brown, or red belt MUST register & pay online PRIOR to submitting your video test***

The Purple Belt Script

(To be read aloud by a friend or Parent)

1.         Stand at attention in Joon Bi.

2.         State your name, age, and belt you are testing for.  Also, state the name of the class location where you train & the name of your primary karate instructor.

3.         Bow

4.         We begin with the White Belt with Stripe section

5.         Joon-biStance                             (hold for 3 seconds)

6.         Horse Stance                                  (hold for 3 seconds)

7.         Fighting Stance                             (hold for 3 seconds)

8.         Cat Stance                                       (hold for 3 seconds)

9.         Up Block                                           Hana!     Dul!        Set!    

10.      Jab                                                        Hana!     Dul!        Set!

11.      Cross                                                   Hana!     Dul!        Set!

12.      Front-leg Snap Kick                    Hana!     Dul!        Set!

13.      Back-leg Snap Kick                      Hana!     Dul!        Set!

14.      This is the Orange Belt Section

15.      Front Stance                                   (hold for 3 seconds)

16.      Lunge Stance                                  (hold for 3 seconds)

17.      Down Block                                      Hana!     Dul!        Set!

18.      Front-leg Side Kick                      Hana!     Dul!        Set!

19.      This is the Yellow Belt Section

20.      Ridge Hand                                      Hana!     Dul!        Set!

21.      Rap                                                    Hana!     Dul!        Set!

22.      Hammer Fist                                   Hana!     Dul!        Set!

23.      Back-leg Side Kick                        Hana!     Dul!        Set!

24.      This is the Green Belt Section

25.      Inside-Out Block                          Hana!     Dul!        Set!

26.      Lateral Block                                  Hana!     Dul!        Set!

27.      Elbow Strike                                   Hana!     Dul!        Set!

28.      Forearm Strike                              Hana!     Dul!        Set!

29.      Front-leg Round Kick                Hana!     Dul!        Set!

30.      Back-leg Round Kick                     Hana!     Dul!        Set!

31.      We finish with the Purple Belt Section

32.      Take off and Tie Belt in 30 seconds      (Parent or friend calls time)

33.      Hook                                                Hana!     Dul!        Set!

34.      Upper cut                                        Hana!     Dul!        Set!

35.      Spin Rap                                          Hana!     Dul!        Set!

36.      Hook Kick                                        Hana!     Dul!        Set!

37.      Spin Hook Kick                              Hana!     Dul!        Set!

38.      Back Kick (turn sideways)       Hana!     Dul!        Set!

39.      Now we move on to Master Form, moves 1-6

40.      Joon Bi!

41.      Present!        (Student says, “Judges, my name is…”)

42.      Yes, you may begin.

43.      Formal Salute

44.      Bow

45.      (Student executes moves 1-6 without stopping)

46.      Formal Salute

47.      Bow

48.      Now we will perform each move individually facing the camera

49.      Move 1, Beheading the Dragon, Outside a Left Straight Punch               Begin.   Again.

50.      Move 2, Escaping Ram, Rear Bear Hug – Arms Pinned                   Begin.   Again.

51.      Move 3, Thrusting Release, Front Bear Hug – Arms Pinned                         Begin.   Again.

52.      Move 4, Returning Serpent, Inside a Right Punch                                          Begin.   Again.

53.      Move 5, Deflecting Thunder, Inside a Right Snap Kick                                   Begin.   Again.

54.      Move 6, Thunder and Lightning, Inside a Left Punch                                     Begin.   Again.

55.      Formal Salute

56.      Bow