KAIZEN ELITE LOGO - Transparent Background.png

1. Kaizen Elite (KE) operates in 90 day / 3 month cycles
2. Registation for the program closes once the 90 day cycle begins. NO EXCEPTIONS.
3. Kaizen Elite offers LIVE online training accessible via computer (requires high speed internet connection)
4. Kaizen Elite offers video library of training material in the Kaizen Karate system
5. Students have access to online private lessons - (only available to active students in KE program)
6. Access to LIVE online webinars

1. Students who want to move up faster in belt rank
2. Students who feel “stuck” at their current belt rank
3. Parents who want a ultra-convenient solution for additional practice anywhere they have an internet connection
4. Parents who want accelerated training directly from with Head Instructor of Kaizen Karate - Coach V

*Students who complete a 90 day cycle of KE must submit a video pre-test by day 75 of the program based on the scripts provided by the KE program.

Registration is only open for 3 days every 90 day cycle
2. Students must submit a video pre-test every

*This program is designed to supplement (not replace) a student’s weekly training with their regular instructor

REQUIREMENTS TO EARN THE KAIZEN ELITE PATCH (must meet 1 or more criteria below)
1. You must train directly with Coach V in a group class that he personally teaches on a weekly basis
2. You must be a personal student of Coach V and train directly with him in private lessons that meet regularly
3. You must be must actively train in-person in one or more of the weekday or weekend classes offered by Kaizen Karate & also be an active member of the Kaizen Elite program

1. Kaizen Elite (KE) patch must be removed from your uniform if a student becomes inactive or withdraws from the KE program
2. Student can train with any Kaizen Karate instructor on a weekly basis and still be apart of the Kaizen Elite program
3. Kaizen Elite is a subscription based service that cycles every 90 days. Students can opt to continue or discontinue service at the end of the 90 day cycle
4. IF multiple students in the same family train in the Kaizen Karate system, they are allowed to share 1 Kaizen Elite account (one account required per household)
5. Students who join Kaizen Elite agree to receive Kaizen Elite specific emails
6. Students who train in the Kaizen Elite online program MUST also train in-person in a weekly Kaizen Karate class.
7. All Kaizen Elite instruction is provided solely by Kaizen Karate Head Instructor Coach V