Kaizen Aftercare Programs (KAP)



ABOUT US - Coach V founded Kaizen Karate in 2003 with only one class of eight (8) students.  This extremely popular program quickly spread throughout the DC Metro area in MD, DC, and VA.  In addition to karate, the program now includes Summer Camps, Run Clubs, Soccer, and other Sports-based programs and operates as both Kaizen Karate & Kaizen Athletics.  

In recent years, Coach V noticed that many of the PTA's and their volunteers were over worked, under paid, and under-appreciated for all of their hard work with organizing the after school programs.  Additionally, many of the after school offerings were suffering as volunteers changed from year to year not realizing that organizing the programs was a huge demand on time!  As a result, the KAP program was created to benefit local schools in their efforts to provide quality after school programs to the entire student body.  KAP helps to provide affordable professional instruction to students and parents at no cost to the PTA. 

What We Do:  We work directly with the PTA to customize a unique & safe program that fits the needs of students, parents, and administration in your school and community.  Each school is different, so it is very important that we develop a program that fits the needs of your community.  Kaizen Karate originally started as an after school provider teaching karate at many different schools in the area.  Over the years, we have developed systems to help the PTA run an efficient & streamlined after school operation.  Today, we continue to offer after school karate & sports classes at many local schools and we now offer management solutions for local PTA's.

Where We Work From: The KAP program provides both full-time office support with our team of professional office staff as well as on-site program management as we handle all registration, communication, and coordination of after school activities at no cost to the PTA!  Our on-site coordinator will ensure the safety of the students, take attendance each day, assist with any behavioral issues, and communicate directly with parents.

When Should You Contact Us:  The time is now! Our main goal is to alleviate stress and work associated with after school programming,  which will allow PTA volunteers time to focus on other school enhancing activities and programs that will generate revenue.  Summer is one of the best times to implement our program, however, we also have the unique ability to start our program in the middle of the school year.

Why We Are Successful:  We work together with you to give students the most affordable, structured, safe and fun enrichment programs available in your community!  We focus on building strong relationships within the community while creating an inclusive program where students can grow and develop.

Types of Programs:  We offer programs in many different sports, academic-based classes, arts & crafts, outdoor hobbies, board games, and much more!  If there are existing programs at the school that you want to keep we will keep them on board while bringing in other programs that will diversify the class offerings and meet the needs of the community.


1. On-Site Coordinator - we will assign one of our on-site coordinators to provide general oversight of all after school programs, take attendance each day, deal with absent children, resolve all behavior issues, handle parent concerns, and ensure the safety of all of the children.

2. Management - at Kaizen we will provide the personal touch.  We work hard to build relationships and provide professional management of all aspects of the program and as a result will free the PTA from the time consuming challenges of the day-to-day operations of the after school programs.

3. Back to School Night - we always like to have one evening prior to the start of the new school year where parents have an opportunity to meet with all instructors and staff who will be teach their children. 

4. Background checks - state & federal background checks are required of all our vendors & instructors prior to being able to teach any classes or work with children.

5. Both online registration & paper registration available - we understand that in the digital age it is easiest to run the entire program with paper.  However, some schools still have parts of their population that do not have computer access.  As a result, we have a paper registration open when requested so we include all families in the community and so all children have an equal opportunity to learn and have fun!

6. Sending confirmation to parents they are enrolled - we regularly visit the school office to ensure that all registrations are collected and we work hard to provide immediate confirmation to parents when their child is enrolled if they choose the paper registration option.  With electronic enrollment, notifications are sent out at the moment that parents complete the registration process.

7. Customized registration - we always like to survey the parents to find out exactly what programs they want to see offered each season.  We will build a program that will last and one that you will be proud of.

8. Full customer support to take away stress from PTA - our professional office team handles all parent inquiries in a professional and timely manner which frees up time for the PTA.  At the same time, we report directly to the PTA and make sure we are accountable and all needs are being met.

9. Scholarships - we offer 1 FULL scholarship per 10 students registered in all programs that are offered.  Our goal is to see that all students are included in the after school programs if they want to participate.

10. The PTA is the boss!  most important, the PTA is still the boss!  We answer to you.

Put Kaizen to work and explore the endless possibilities of progress, change, and a hassle free school year! 

Please contact our office at 301-938-2711 if you have any questions or would like to discuss our program further or you can email us directly by click below: