Kaizen Karate


Youth Karate

Kaizen Karate offers a variety of youth classes, which take place in positive group settings.  The first is Little Ninjas, which are offered specifically for 4-5 year old children.  The next class offerings are Beginner classes, which are tailored toward those who are 6 years old and up and have a white, orange, yellow, or green belt.  Next, are Intermediate and Advanced classes.  Intermediate is designed for students with a purple or blue belt and advanced classes are for students with a brown, red, or black belt. 

All classes are tailored to student’s individual needs and helps them grow to their fullest potential possible. Karate classes not only focus on instruction, but also learning valuable lessons related to discipline, motivation, self-control, and continual improvement. 


Adult Karate

Adult class is offered for students­ of all belt levels and karate experience.  This class is available for new students to those that possess high ranking belts, and tailored based on individual needs and level of expertise.  Adult class is designed to help students achieve their goals and improve as martial artists.  Students improve in the areas of discipline, self-mastery, and mind/body connection.


If you have any questions about any of our courses, contact us.